Many of the challenges society face today are too large or complex to be addressed by a single country or discipline. In 2018, IIASA research looked into numerous issues of global significance spanning topics ranging from food and water security, digitalization, and financial risk, to technological innovations for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Selected highlights

Exploring the impact of digitalization

With the advent of the internet and the expansion of the digital economy, an increasing portion of consumption cannot be evaluated in monetary terms and attributed in the traditional way. IIASA research explored the impact of digitalization on economies.

Thinking small to ensure global food security

A global data set of agricultural field sizes collected as part of a crowdsourcing project by IIASA researchers, has shed new light on the contribution that smallholder farms make to world food production.

Pioneering a new approach to systems transformations

One of the greatest challenges the world faces is how to limit climate change to below 1.5˚C. A groundbreaking IIASA study demonstrated the benefits of following an end-use, low energy demand (LED) strategy that does not rely on so-called negative emissions technologies.

Supporting the policy discourse around Loss and Damage

In addition to mitigation and adaptation, the concept of “Loss and Damage” is considered a third pillar in the climate policy discourse. IIASA researchers provided evidence-based insight and proposals to facilitate a step-change in this highly politicized climate policy domain.