Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

The IIASA systems approach to air quality and greenhouse gas management is a unique example of a successful science-policy interface shaping global, regional, and national policies. Pioneering, interdisciplinary research into the interplay between rural and urban air pollution will provide the badly needed evidence to support measures that deliver local and near-term benefits while also contributing to global and long-term policy targets.

Selected highlights

Informing clean air policies

Breathing clean air, the most basic human need, has become a luxury in many parts of the world. IIASA researchers contributed to a report representing the first comprehensive scientific assessment of the air pollution outlook for Asia and the Pacific.

Improving the accuracy of national emissions inventories

Through chemical reactions in the atmosphere, ethane and propane affect the formation and loss of several air pollutants and greenhouse gases. A study involving IIASA researchers showed that global levels of these compounds have been grossly underestimated and that revision is needed.

Towards better air quality management in Vietnam

A collaborative research project between IIASA and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has given rise to a multi disciplinary research community in Vietnam that can provide decision makers with comprehensive scientific support on air quality management.

Addressing the effects of climate change and air pollution

IIASA researchers contributed to a major new report looking at the effects of climate change on human health and its implications for society. The authors examined indicators across a range of themes, and urge action to safeguard populations against negative impacts.