The African continent faces a multitude of problems, which are often exacerbated by factors related to climate change. IIASA researchers engaged with stakeholders in several African countries aiming to encourage science based policymaking and address issues such as sustainable water management and agricultural practices, and examine trends in population and migration.

Selected highlights

Encouraging science-based policymaking in East Africa

A key goal of integrated water resources management is to balance supply and demand for all water users across different economic sectors while safeguarding the environment. IIASA research supports the incorporation of water science into policy, planning, and applied management issues.

Serious gaming for risk communication and engagement

IIASA researchers develop and carry out serious games and simulations around the world to engage policymakers, businesses, communities, academics, and others in exploring the challenges of reducing disaster risk, building resilience, and ultimately contributing to sustainable development.

Forecasting world population and migration

When fertility levels are low, as is currently the case in Europe, international migration becomes the main factor influencing population growth. However, research shows that in terms of economic consequences, the size of the labor force and productivity matter more.

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